Saturday, November 6, 2010

HORROR CON: Creation Entertainment's Weekend of Horrors

Creation Entertainment's Weekend of Horrors
Burbank Airport Marriott
2500 Hollywood Wa

Fri., Sat. & Sun.October 15-17, 2010
Marriott Burbank Airport Hotel"We return to our old haunt"...

LINEUP AS OF 09.03.10:


• SEAN PATRICK FLANERY - all 3 days("Boondock Saints", "Saw 3D")
• NORMAN REEDUS("Boondock Saints", "The Walking Dead")
• DAVID DELLA ROCCO("Boondock Saints")
• TROY DUFFY(director, "Boondock Saints")
• KEN FOREE("Dawn of the Dead", "The Devil's Rejects")
• SID HAIG("Spider Baby", "The Devil's Rejects")
• ADRIENNE KING - all 3 daysThe original "final girl" from "Friday the 13th" and the (spolier alert!) first five minutes of "Friday the 13th Pt. 2"
• FRANK HENENLOTTER - all 3 daysDirector: "Basket Case" series, "Frankenhooker", with makeup/FX artist GABE BARTALOS
• "MANIAC COP" REUNION - all 3 daysWith star ROBERT Z'DAR and director WILLIAM LUSTIG (also president of BLUE UNDERGROUND video label)
• BRUCE CAMPBELL - Sat. onlyAsh from the "Evil Dead" series (but you knew that, right?)
• "MADMAN" REUNION - Fri/SatWith producer GARY SALES and "Madman marz" himself, PAUL EHLERS.
• JOE PILATO - All three days"Captain Rhodes" from "Day of the Dead" here to preview his upcoming "The Black Box".
• GRED NICOTERO - SaturdayMaster of zombies, KNB FX guru comes to help preview "THE WALKING DEAD"
• WILLIAM SMITH - All three daysConan's father, star of the classic "Grave of the vampire" and many more!
• JACK HILL - days TBDB-movie director and man who made "Spider Baby"!
• JOE BOB BRIGGS - All three daysThe country's pre-eminent B-movie aficinado and TV personality!
• FRED WILLIAMSON - days TBDHe killed vampires with George Clooney and was a staple of B-movies and blaxploitation films like "Black Caesar!"
• JOHN SAXON - days TBDYes, "Nightmare on Elm Street". But the man IS walking cult cinema!
• BARBARA MAGNOLFI - days TBDStar of dozens of Euro-cult films such as "The Sister of Ursula" and "Suspiria".
• BRIAN TRENCHARD-SMITH -days TBDB-movie writer-director-producer of "Escape 2000", "Night of the Demons 2", "Leprechaun 3" and more.
• NGHT OF THE DEMONS PREVIEW PANEL!With the stars of the upcoming update of teh classic '80s film!


• "UNCLE BOB" MARTIN - all 3 daysFounding editor, "Fangoria" Magazine and co-writer of "Frankenhooker"
• NATHAN HANNEMAN - all 3 daysEditor, "Horrorhound" Magazine
• J. PETER ORR - all 3 daysCo-editor, classic 80s mag "GoreZone" and former Managing Editor, "Fangoria" Magazine



Film schedule to be announced, but we can confirm that "Frankenhooker" will be shown with an intro/Q&A with Messrs. HENENLOTTER, MARTIN and BARTALOS

• "CARNIVAL OF CARNAGE" - Friday night

With live music by A BAND OF ORCS, sideshow entertainment by FREAKSHOW DELUXE and the XTREME FASHION SHOW!

• ART GHOULERY - all 3 days

Curated museum of original art and prints by horror artists sponsored by JACK ULRICH and ISOLATION THREADS. Artists featured:Dienzo, Clint Carney, Nicolas Caesar, Todd Robey, Brian Henderson, Mike Pain, William Hawley IV, Terence Ulrich, Hezaa, Christopher Moonlight and Amber M.

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