Saturday, October 2, 2010


Hatchet II
Opens Friday, October 1, 2010 (Limited)
Runtime: 1 hr. 29 min.
NOT RATED (Extreme slasher gore)
With even more action, carnage, gore and fun than the irreverent original, director Adam Green’s follow-up to 2006’s HATCHET will solidify the nightmarish film and its characters as a franchise. The sequel picks up where the original leaves off , with heroine Marybeth escaping the clutches of the deformed, swamp-dwelling killer Victor Crowley. Marybeth returns to the Louisiana bayou along with an army of hunters to recover the bodies of her family… and exact her revenge.
Cast: Kane Hodder, Danielle Harris, Tony Todd, Parry Shen, Tom Holland, R.A. Mihailoff
Director: Adam Green
Genres: Slasher FilmHorror

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