Wednesday, December 31, 2008

UPDATES: My Bloody Valentine 3D

I am a big fan of the original My Bloody Valentine, and I always wished that there would be a sequel. There was once a rumor about a sequel to film, but it never came about. Now, we have the eagerly awaited remake from Lionsgate to come out Friday, January 16th 2009. Here is updated news on the release:

Released in 3D on only 900 screens :

According to a recent New York Times article, My Bloody Valentine 3D, will be screened in 3D on only about 900 screens in the United States. Why? Well, thats about all the screens that are currently equipped to show the new 3D movies. So, the rest of the "1600" or so prints will be shown in the regular 2D version.

Promotional Materials to promote My Bloody Valentine 3D :

Here in New York, My Bloody Valentine 3D from Lionsgate has the following promotional materials out and about:
* Teaser Poster - In theaters
* Regular OneSheet - In theaters
* Large Standee - In theaters
* NYC Subway poster - In subway stations
* NYC Bus ads - On sides of buses
* NYC Parking Garages - Large Posters near Parking Garage exits all around the city

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